Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 26: San Simeon, CA to Arroyo Grande, CA

42 miles

Today's planned route was 56 miles of relatively tame terrain, 1764' of elevation gain. The ride was a delight with a brisk tailwind speeding the journey through the seaside towns of Cayucos and Morro Bay.

Mid-morning stop in Morro Bay
Morro Rock
The route turned inland to San Luis Obispo. Just before I arrived in the historic town center my chain got stuck between the chain rings and no amount of tugging by four people made any progress in releasing it. Yet another SAG ride for me to deliver my bike to the trip leader/bike doctor. The bike has had many visits to all sorts of bike doctors this trip. I hope this is the last.

On a sober note, Patti (WI) had a fall into a concrete barrier resulting in an ambulance trip to the emergency room. She was with other riders at the time who were able to care for her and accompany her to the hospital. She was released from the hospital and will return home, probably tomorrow, for followup care. We were all heartened to see Patti for a few moments at the end of dinner to wish her well.

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