Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 22: San Francisco, CA to Santa Cruz,CA

57 miles

This was the best day of cycling on this trip--blue sky, good pavement, cycling lanes galore, great scenery, challenging but not overwhelming terrain, and a fully-repaired bicycle that I didn't feel like I was struggling with all day.

The route as designed was 85 miles. A minority of riders did the full day that began with navigation out of San Francisco during rush hour and a climb of about three miles at Mile 22 called Devil's Slide, a narrow, winding road with no shoulder. The van and SAG were packed with "bumpers", including me, from the hotel to Mile 28. There is ongoing construction of a tunnel that will bypass this hill. I met up with a self-contained rider (who carry all clothing, gear, tent, etc) who decided to give the tunnel a try even though it clearly was not open. He eventually was blocked by a fence over which he threw his panniers and somehow got himself and his bike over, after which he was apprehended by a guard. The guard took pity upon him and allowed him to proceed.

Pescadero Lighthouse

Pampas Grass, beautiful and invasive

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