Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 23: Santa Cruz, CA to Monterey, CA

49 miles

The ride today was billed as a 43-mile cruiser. It wasn't terribly difficult but morning traffic out of Santa Cruz, rougher roads, quite warm temperatures, a sometimes brisk headwind, and confusing directions made for a longer day than scheduled. Despite the relatively minor obstacles it was an interesting ride traveling through California's coastal agricultural belt with strawberry and artichoke plants as far as the eye could see growing in incredibly rich-looking loam, as well as scenic vistas.

Strawberry plants


In Moss Landing there were dozens of sea lions sunning themselves and making quite a racket on a concrete pier. Those in the water who wanted in on the sunning action would jump into the fray and displace one or two seals back to the water. 

The vegetation along the side of the roads and bike paths was interesting and colorful. This succulent ground cover is called ice plant. While invasive, it is a recommended plant near forested areas as the water held by the plant is a fire retardant.

The last several miles were on a bike path paralleling Monterey Bay.

Monterey in the distaance

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