Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 11: Florence,OR to Bandon, OR

53 miles

I bumped the first 20 miles of today's route to shorten my day some. It was not a particularly scenic ride until arriving in Bandon, the destination town. There were some challenging hills toward the end of the ride with three lengthy climbs separated by shorter downhills, with an extended downhill at the end into town. Along the way we passed the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area.

Most days I have only half of a PB & J and gorp to eat as a snack along the way. I want some real food at the end of the ride while being mindful that dinner is generally served at 5:30. Today the perfect answer was Tony's Crab Shack where I enjoyed a single Dungeness crab cake.

View leaving town center to hotel
 The ocean landscape in Bandon is a delight with rock outcroppings along the entire shore.

Another interesting local tale was exchanged at dinner tonight. Last week a Coos County farmer was eaten by his pigs, perhaps after suffering some type of medical event. His sow weighed in excess of 500 pounds. Apparently all that was found of the poor gent was his dentures. One of our more fanciful riders speculated that perhaps he led an unhappy life, leaving a spare set of dentures behind and now living in Las Vegas. Patty, our chef, wondered if she might pick up some pork for a good price in the local market. We'll be watching her menu closely the next few days. Catch the local news report on the following link:

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