Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 12: Bandon, OR to Gold Beach, OR

55 miles

These are the descriptors for the ride today:  cold (very), foggy (very), headwinds, and constant hills. Yes, I will admit, there were SOME downhills as we started at sea level and ended there. The aforementioned conditions took the speed and joy out of them. Most of the day I could hear the ocean to my right but could not see more than 100' into the distance.

Patti (WI) at rest stop, fully armored for the cold

A few moments of sun on a short leg inland

When the fog "let up"
I was on a mission to finish the mileage so I could watch the Patriots-Broncos game which started at 1:35. I figured that it was a toss up as to whether the game would be televised on the West Coast, so I considered the option of stopping at a sports bar in Gold Beach before arriving at the hotel. As I pedaled by the various offerings in Gold Beach, I had a vision of Jodi Foster in The Accused and decided that I best pedal right on by. I raced into my hotel room as fast as my hypothemic body could carry me and managed to move my frozen fingers just enough to operate the TV remote. My choices: SF-Buffalo or Seattle-Carolina. Fortunately, Tony was home with the game on in the background and he called with every half hour updates.
What a guy!

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