Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 15: Eureka, CA

Rest Day

I did the usual rest day stuff today. The major differnece was that I arranged a single for these two nights to give myself a breather, a trick that I learned only too late on the Southern Tier. There's something to be said about sharing a room with rotating folks, but there's nothing like privacy and quiet time. I couldn't even bear to leave my room until noon, despite being up for hours, and rather enjoyed the peanut butter cheese crackers for breakfast, leftover in my bike bag as an emergency snack.

I finally ventured out for lunch and met several of my fellow riders at the local Whole Foods equivalent, where we all gravitated independently, for sandwiches. After an afternoon of alone time I was ready to enjoy the company of five other women for dinner at a very fine local eatery, Avalon. Despite only knowing each other for two weeks, we had lots of laughs.

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